Can of Bliss Indica Hybrid Flower Shark Shock 3.5g

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    Shark Shock


     With multiple cannabis cup award winning genetics based on great White Widow and Skunk#1, Shark Shock is an absolute charmer grown by Emerald Queen Farms. Their farm is located deep in humboldt with a covered skatepark featuring a vert ramp with two swooping pool-like pockets that bring riders from all over the world. Their southern exposure and meticulous greenhouse operations bring to life some of NorCal's most exquisite bud.

    About Emerald Queen:

    At Emerald Queen Farms, cannabis is produced the way it should be: Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. EQF finds terroir evident in their cannabis flowers, growing high-grade clones and in-house bred seed genetics under the southern exposed skies of Eastern Humboldt.