Allegiance Wellness Tincture Rick Simpson Method THC 250mg

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    Rick Simpson Method Formula 1

    250mg THC (16.7mg/ml, 2.1mg/0.25ml)

    Each 30ml (1oz) Tincture Bottle with Graduated Glass Dropper contains approximately a 30 day supply depending on dose. We suggest starting with 0.25ml twice per day, starting at night and increasing to 1ml twice per day. Follow with water.

    Be aware, THC can induce psychoactive, or cerebral effects. Primary psychoactive effects include a state of relaxation, and to a lesser degree, euphoria. THC may cause a temporary increase in heart rate and appetite. Too much THC may cause un- ease, anxiety, euphoria or lethargy and overall discomfort. If this occurs, simply reduce the dosage. Do not operate motor vehicles and other mechanical devices Adjust dosage as needed.

    RSO Titration Formulas are designed for Cancer and Pain patients to deliver effective relief without the uncomfortable “HIGH” associated with THC. Patients start with low doses of THC and increase the dose over time to achieve the desired result.